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I'm thrilled to share a recent milestone: being interviewed by Scarpa Fellow Ciara Murphy of Villanova Law School
at their Idea Lab. As the founder of the Inventors Club for Women, this experience was truly special, allowing the voices of our women innovators to resonate at the university level.

Gratitude fills my heart for this opportunity to shed light on the unique challenges faced by women inventors in bringing their products to market. My dream has always been to discover a more supportive path for innovators, one free from the overwhelming, unknown, and often predatory resources that currently exist.

In that interview, I had the chance to spotlight the incredible stories of our women innovators. These are voices that might have otherwise gone unnoticed by university experts. It was a thrill to share their narratives, showcasing the resilience and creativity that define our community.

Looking ahead, my dream takes shape as a vision of partnerships between women innovators and university students, guided and supported by the universities themselves with ICW as the liaison between both ecosystems. As a former educator, I see this as a win-win for everyone involved. Students gain invaluable real-world experience, while independent women innovators find assurance in working alongside reputable institutions rather than navigating the unknown alone.

Here's to a future where innovators, innovation, and university collaboration intersect, creating a collaborative space where everyone can thrive.


Katie Kupstas Founder, Inventors Club for Women