My knowledge, and the step-by-step system ICW has created will guide you from the idea stage to launching your invention. Without sacrificing
any royalties.
Learn about Intellectual Property and the secrets to success as a small business owner.

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"The ICW team operates with integrity to ensure the inventor is doing what's best to move forward successfully."

- Julieta Recometa

"ICW has been such a valuable resource in navigating all the steps it takes to bring an invention to market. I only wish I found them sooner!"

- Daria Walsh

"I've learned more in ICW in the last year, than in my total 10 years of inventing."

- David Svengalis


What Do We Do?

Our utmost priority is you. Bringing your product or idea to market, while also protecting you with intellectual property as an asset to your business is the goal for us at ICW.

Through a combination of courses, counseling, and intellectual property protection, our team works with integrity. We provide you with the correct advice that you need to move your business forward. We are dedicated to the betterment of our community of inventors with the goal of also saving your money whenever possible. We help members avoid traps from predatory invent companies by providing key information and other services that save time and money in the long run.


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Learn about what Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists think of Intellectual Property & the difference between a
patent, trademark, and copyright.